Detailed program of demo event

August 21, Session 1, 13:50 – 15:50
Real-time Scholarly Retweeting Prediction System Zhunchen Luo and Xiao Liu
The INCEpTION Platform: Machine-Assisted and Knowledge-Oriented Interactive Annotation Jan-Christoph Klie, Michael Bugert, Beto Boullosa, Richard Eckart de Castilho and Iryna Gurevych
A Korean Knowledge Extraction System for Enriching a KBox Sangha Nam, Eun-kyung Kim, Jiho Kim, Yoosung Jung, Kijong Han and KEY-SUN CHOI
Active DOP: An active learning constituency treebank annotation tool Andreas van Cranenburgh
JeSemE: Interleaving Semantics and Emotions in a Web Service for the Exploration of Language Change Phenomena Johannes Hellrich, Sven Buechel and Udo Hahn
HiDE: A Tool for Unrestricted Literature Based Discovery Judita Preiss and Mark Stevenson
Document Representation Learning For Patient History Visualization Halid Ziya Yerebakan, Yoshihisa Shinagawa, Parmeet Bhatia and Yiqiang Zhan
T-Know: A Knowledge Graph-based Question Answering and Infor-mation Retrieval System for Traditional Chinese Medicine Ziqing Liu, Enwei Peng, Shixing Yan, Guozheng Li and Tianyong Hao
Abbreviation Expander – A web-based system for easy reading of technical documents Manuel Ciosici and Ira Assent
August 21, Session 2, 16:20 – 18:00
Term Set Expansion based on Multi-Context Term Embeddings: an End-to-end Workflow Jonathan Mamou, Oren Pereg, Moshe Wasserblat, Ido Dagan, Yoav Goldberg, Alon Eirew, Yael Green, Shira Guskin, Peter Izsak and Daniel Korat
CRST: A Claim Retrieval System in Twitter Wenjia Ma, WenHan Chao, Zhunchen Luo and Xin Jiang
Simulating Language Evolution: A Tool for Historical Linguistics Alina Maria Ciobanu and Liviu P. Dinu
A Unified RvNN Framework for End-to-End Chinese Discourse Parsing Lin Chuan-An, Hen-Hsen Huang, Zi-Yuan Chen and Hsin-Hsi Chen
Cool English: A Grammatical Error Correction System Based on Large Learner Corpora Yu-Chun Lo, Jhih-Jie Chen, Chingyu Yang and Jason Chang
A Web-based Framework for Collecting and Assessing Highlighted Sentences in a Document Sasha Spala, Franck Dernoncourt, Walter Chang and Carl Dockhorn
Utilizing Graph Measure to Deduce Omitted Entities in Paragraphs Eun-kyung Kim, Kijong Han, Jiho Kim and KEY-SUN CHOI
Transparent, Efficient, and Robust Word Embedding Access with WOMBAT Mark-Christoph Müller and Michael Strube
Detecting Heavy Rain Disaster from Social and Physical Sensor Tomoya Iwakura, Seiji Okajima, Nobuyuki Igata, Kunihiro Takeda, Yuzuru Yamakage and Naoshi Morita
August 23, Session 3, 13:40 – 15:20
Writing Mentor: Self-Regulated Writing Feedback for Struggling Writers Nitin Madnani, Jill Burstein, Norbert Elliot, Beata Beigman Klebanov, Diane Napolitano, Slava Andreyev and Maxwell Schwartz
Appraise Evaluation Framework for Machine Translation Christian Federmann
Lingke: A Fine-grained Multi-turn Chatbot for Customer Service Pengfei Zhu, Zhuosheng Zhang, Jiangtong Li, Yafang Huang and Hai Zhao
A Cross-lingual Messenger with Keyword Searchable Phrases for the Travel Domain Shehroze Khan, Jihyun Kim, Tarik Zulfikarpasic, Peter Chen and Nizar Habash
KIT Lecture Translator: Multilingual Speech Translation with One-Shot Learning Florian Dessloch, Thanh-Le Ha, Markus Müller, Jan Niehues, Thai Son Nguyen, Ngoc-Quan Pham, Elizabeth Salesky, Matthias Sperber, Sebastian Stüker, Thomas Zenkel and Alexander Waibel
NLATool: An Application for Enhanced Deep Text Understanding Markus Gärtner, Sven Mayer, Valentin Schwind, Eric Hämmerle, Emine Turcan, Florin Rheinwald, Gustav Murawski, Lars Lischke and Jonas Kuhn
Sensala: A Dynamic Semantics System for Natural Language Processing Daniyar Itegulov, Ekaterina Lebedeva and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
LanguageNet: Learning to Find Sense Relevant Example Sentences Shang-Chien Cheng, Jhih-Jie Chen, Chingyu Yang and Jason Chang
Automatic Curation and Visualization of Crime Related Information from Incrementally Crawled Multi-source News Reports Tirthankar Dasgupta, Lipika Dey, Rupsa Saha and Abir Naskar
August 23, Session 4, 15:50 – 17:30
Towards Automated Extraction of Business Constraints from Unstructured Regulatory Text Rahul Nair, Killian Levacher and Martin Stephenson
Interpretable Rationale Augmented Charge Prediction System Xin Jiang, Hai Ye, Zhunchen Luo, WenHan Chao and Wenjia Ma
A Chinese Writing Correction System for Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language Yow-Ting Shiue, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
On-Device Neural Language Model based Word Prediction Seunghak Yu, Nilesh Kulkarni, Haejun Lee and Jihie Kim
WARP-Text: A Web-Based Tool for Annotating Relationships Between Pairs of Texts Venelin Kovatchev, Toni Marti and Maria Salamo
LTV: Labeled Topic Vector Daniel Baumartz, Tolga Uslu and Alexander Mehler
A flexible and easy-to-use semantic role labeling framework for different languages Quynh Ngoc Thi Do, Artuur Leeuwenberg, Geert Heyman and Marie-Francine Moens
Graphene: A Context-Preserving Open Information Extraction System Matthias Cetto, Christina Niklaus, André Freitas and Siegfried Handschuh