Important Information:

  • August is high tourist season in Santa Fe, so hotel rooms are at a premium. Book your rooms as early as possible!
  • Several hotels in Santa Fe are offering reduced rates for COLING 2018 participants. Note that the hotels impose rather early cut-off dates for the reduced rates. So, once again, book your rooms as early as possible!
  • The list of hotels┬áincludes all currently available information. This list will be updated as needed.
  • In many cases, you will need to book your room by calling the hotel. Not all hotels provided a link to the special reservation page for COLING.
  • For the location of the COLING 2018 hotels, consult the Map of COLING 2018 venues, hotels and excursion sites.
  • If preferring hotels outside Santa Fe city center, take into account Santa Fe bus services.
  • Downtown hotels are all within walking distance to the COLING 2018 venue. To alleviate costs, you might consider signing up for the ConferenceShare service to find attendees interested in sharing a hotel room.