Speaker profile – Hannah Rohde

COLING 2018 will have four full keynote speeches. As we announce the speakers, we’ll introduce them via this blog, too. We are quite proud of this line up, and it’s hard to refrain from just putting all the info out there at once! So we’ll start by crowing about Dr. Hannah Rohde.

Hannah Rohde is a Reader in Linguistics & English Language at the University of Edinburgh. She works in experimental pragmatics, using psycholinguistic techniques to investigate questions in areas such as pronoun interpretation, referring expression generation, implicature, presupposition, and the establishment of discourse coherence. Her undergraduate degree was in Computer Science and Linguistics from Brown University, from which she went on to complete a PhD in Linguistics at the University of California San Diego, followed by postdoctoral fellowships at Northwestern and Stanford. She currently helps organise the working group on empiricism for the EU-wide “TextLink: Structuring discourse in multilingual Europe” COST Action network and is a recipient of the 2017 Philip Leverhulme Prize in Languages and Literatures.


You can find the slides for Dr. Rohde’s talk here.

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